Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker

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Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker

Lello Ariete 1375 Espresso/Cappucino Maker.

Priming your Café Prestige

1)      Fill water tank to proper level.

2)      Insert water tank carefully into position and push down firmly. When inserted properly air bubbles will appear in the water tank.

3)      Place cup directly under grouphead, filter holder is not required.

4)      Turn power switch on.

5)      Turn center dial to the right for coffee.

6)      This will activate the pump and  within a few seconds water will flow in to the cup.

7)      The Unit is now  primed.

Trouble shooting Unit does not prime

Reason: Air is trapped between the water tank inlet and the pump preventing water to flow.


1)    Remove the water tank and insert back into position. Repeat 2 to 3 times allowing air to escape into the water tank.

2)    Repeat initial priming instructions, turning the dial to the right only this time for 30 to 40 seconds or until the unit primes.

Repeat as many times as necessary to properly prime the unit.

The process may take a few minutes.

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